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Alla Turca has that magical quality that so many restaurants dismally fail to cultivate - atmosphere!
After arriving on a windswept Saturday evening, walking into Alla Turca was like being back in Istanbul...
Alla Turca's good - humoured Turkish staff work so fast and adeptly that they almost run, but there's no panic.
I would guess that the front-of-house manager knows exactly what's going on at every table at any point in time, which is more than you can say for many British “Fine Dining" restaurants.
' Joanna Blythman - The Sunday Herald


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Alla Turca serves up a menu that is properly Turkish and of a good, even cooking standard. The food tastes very fresh - another hallmark of Turkish cuisine - probably because this restaurant has such a sound turnover of diners.

Turkish Grill & Meze Bar

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What Our Customers Say

Wow I love this place tried the Italian side a few years ago and this time the Turkish side on a 5pm deal. Starter was falafel and homous defo 10/10 and lunch stuffed aubergine with feta cheese rice and salad again 10/10 and dessert Blavaka and ice cream again 10:10 and a prosecco cocktail our waitress was fantastic chatty friendly attentive loved the decor too and want to go back to try the Mezze next time

Visited quite late on Friday night, and were seated towards the front of the restaurant, but still tucked away enough for a good feeling of privacy. Food was excellent and the service was perfect, too! Will definitely be returning in the future.

Ambling round Glasgow on my own, I knew I needed to eat but had no idea what or where. I'm not sure what made me step into Alla Turca, but I'm so pleased I did! No idea what to choose, so I took the advice of the lovely waitress. Everything was perfect, and the Turkish red wine a revelation. The only shame - for Alla Turca's sake - was that I was the only diner.

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