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Alla Turca has that magical quality that so many restaurants dismally fail to cultivate - atmosphere!
After arriving on a windswept Saturday evening, walking into Alla Turca was like being back in Istanbul...
Alla Turca's good - humoured Turkish staff work so fast and adeptly that they almost run, but there's no panic.
I would guess that the front-of-house manager knows exactly what's going on at every table at any point in time, which is more than you can say for many British “Fine Dining" restaurants.
' Joanna Blythman - The Sunday Herald


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Alla Turca serves up a menu that is properly Turkish and of a good, even cooking standard. The food tastes very fresh - another hallmark of Turkish cuisine - probably because this restaurant has such a sound turnover of diners.

Turkish Grill & Meze Bar

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